PoolBar La Terraza

Relax on our unique terrace with stunning views of the marina and the bay of Cadiz while you sample a snack menu offering hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos or, if you prefer something more traditional, a selection of rice dishes. Where drinks are concerned the menu is extensive and the cocktails speak for themselves.

Another way to enjoy this spectacular terrace is to book a Thai for 6 people. Our Thais are subject to a booking fee that is held as a deposit to be consumed during the day. Reservation includes access to the swimming pools, two for adults and one for children, which are part of the Hotel and Suites of Puerto Sherry. There are two options:

Thai Premium: deposit of 200€, includes:

Thai Normal: deposit of 150€, includes:

Make your Thai reservation online:

Payment of the reservation is made at reception, where you will be given the bracelets that allow access to the swimming pools. On departure, the hotel reception will also validate your parking ticket.